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Feedback - Deluxe Flush Control Box Wiring
Q: The toilet seems to be very good (yet to use it in anger) but the electrics are a joke. The packaging on the control unit is abysmal with cables coming out on three sides and with the +ve and -ve cables for the solenoid and macerator coming out on DIFFERENT sides of the control box which makes a tidy installation impossible. The cable ends are also left incredibly short making installation difficult.
A: I’m not sure it is fair to describe the electrics as a “joke” or “abysmal” though it is obvious this aspect of the product does not meet your expectation.

The control box is not something that is visible within an installation, as such, we tend to put more effort into making it work correctly and keeping it as small as possible rather than how it looks. The cable exit points from the box are the way they are because of the circuit layout within the box. We could have altered those exit points but routing them inside the box to all exit together, this would have required cable inside the box and would have made the box larger. It would not from our view be a better solution.
The cable length is approx. 280mm, this is basically the same length as most of our pumps. It may be shorter than you would like but I think you’ll agree we are consistent.