4732-0000 Vacuum switch


£ 60.02 ex. VAT
Vacuum switch

  • Connections: CONNECTION - ¼” BSP internal thread, for direct fitting to JABSCO electric-clutch pumps. Alternatively , fit into a suitable T-piece in pump inlet line
  • Dimensions: - 115mm dia, 90mm high
  • Protects JABSCO flexible impeller bilge pumps from dry running. Senses loss of inlet vacuum when bilge is dry and air enters pump
  • Install pump with a minimum 1.2m suction lift
  • Requires manual start. Cut-out is automatic.
  • For remote start, fit a 15 amp push button switch (normally off) next to the master switch
  • Actual Weight: 0.66 Kg  (Approx. 0.91 Kg packed)


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