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Will a new pump fit my Brydon Boy?
Q: I have an old 59128 Series Brydon Boy toilet. The bowl and seat are fine but it really needs a new pump. Will the Twist and lock pump fit or is there an adapter available? If I have to replace the whole toilet, will it fit the original fixing bolts? These are fitted to the grp moulding in the heads compartment so are not accessible.

A: The 59128 Series Brydon Boy had a 3 bolt pump mounting, the 29090 and 29120 Series is a 4 bolt. There is no adapter plate offered to fit a new pump onto the old 3 bolt mounting.

When the 29090 series was designed, significant research was done on the stress points on the base as this was considered a weakness with the Brydon. As a result the mounting points for the base are different, the 2 models do not have a common mounting.